BRIN Recommends Sumedang as the National Reference for Stunting Mitigation

BRIN Recommends Sumedang as the National Reference for Stunting Mitigation

SUMEDANG, – The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) research team led by Deputy of Development Policy, Mego Pinandito, visited Sumedang district on Wednesday, March 8, 2023.

The team was welcomed by the district secretary, Herman Suryatman, accompanied by several SKPD Heads at the Sumedang Command Center, the center of the Sumedang government.

The visit aimed to discuss and observe Sumedang district’s policies, strategies, and programs as a good practice for accelerating stunting mitigation comprehensively.

Deputy of Development Policy, Mego Pinandito said that Sumedang is one of the districts that implements SPBE as a basis for monitoring stunting mitigation.

“With Sumedang’s exceptional concept, we will study it and try our best to recommend it nationally,” he said.

Once the research is complete, the findings will be shared with other regions.

“BRIN has recommended directly visiting Sumedang, so the process is faster,” he added.

Mego hopes, that this model will accelerate development, especially in the health sector.

BRIN Recommends Sumedang as the National Reference for Stunting Mitigation

Similarly, Director of Human Development Policy, Population and Culture at BRIN, Anugerah Widiyanto, recommends Sumedang as a national example for the stunting mitigation program in other regions.

“We have scheduled a study for Indonesia Emas. The program input could be accelerated by 2035. I am impressed with Sumedang’s incredible digital achievement,” he said.

Meanwhile, Herman Suryatman, the district secretary, stated that the meeting was an effort to promote human development in Sumedang, focusing on stunting and poverty reduction.

“We gained a lot of insights from Deputy Mego. We learned a lot, exploring Sumedang’s learning journey in optimizing digital-based development,” he said.

He added that this step was a small effort to exponentially increase the welfare of Sumedang residents amidst the ongoing global dynamics.

“We must accelerate to be on par or even surpass other countries. There must be a role model and execution.”

“Insya Allah, Sumedang is ready to become the piloting, guided by BRIN’s professors and doctors to advance further,” he concluded.

In summary, the BRIN team visited Sumedang district to learn from their exceptional stunting mitigation concept, and they plan to recommend it as a national reference for other regions.

Sumedang’s digital achievement and human development efforts have impressed the BRIN team, and they hope to accelerate development in other regions as well.