Garut Regent Attends Inauguration of Garut District PSSI Association Officials

PSSI Garut
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GARUT, – On Wednesday, March 8, 2023, Garut Regent Rudy Gunawan attended the inauguration ceremony of the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) officials for Garut District, held at the Pendopo Garut Building in Garut Kota District, Garut Regency.

The Garut District PSSI Association is headed by Amar Komarudin.

During the event, the Regent congratulated the newly inaugurated officials of the Garut District PSSI Association.

He also highlighted the exceptional talent of Garut Regency and its ability to produce professional football players.

“I would like to remind everyone that football has become an industry, and anyone with football skills at various levels, whether in Liga Dua, Liga Satu, or even internationally, can earn a significant income,” said Rudy.

He emphasized the importance of managing professionalism in football professionally.

The Regent stated that he would take concrete steps to improve the PSSI, and the responsibility for the PSSI would not be the government’s responsibility from a funding perspective.

“The local government can provide assistance, which can be provided either through the department or through a grant to the PSSI, Persigar, or the KONI Kabupaten Garut,” said the Regent.

He added that the Presidential Regulation Number 3 of 2019 on the Acceleration of Football Development had been implemented in Garut Regency.

The Regent further stated that Garut Regency had a master plan for sports development, particularly football and volleyball.

“We want to have a football stadium with an international reputation and good quality. RAA Adiwijaya can be seen with Kang Herman and friends from PSSI West Java Province, which is something to be proud of in West Java Province,” said the Regent.

Meanwhile, Dede Salahudin, a member of the Garut District Regional People’s Representative Council (DPRD), expressed his pleasure and appreciation for the PSSI’s successful Extraordinary Congress (KLB), which aimed to improve football, especially in Garut District.

“If we look at the PSSI statute, the obligation of Askab, especially Askab Garut, is to hold KU 13 and 15 competitions, which are the most important agenda of Askab Kabupaten Garut. So that this competition can produce better and more skilled football players from a young age,” said Salahudin.

He hoped that the District Association (Askab) could collaborate with anyone, especially in management and for the football community in Garut Regency.

By doing so, Garut’s football could become the best in West Java Province.