Sumedang Police Ready to Secure the Upcoming Holy Month of Ramadan

Sumedang Police Ready to Secure the Upcoming Holy Month of Ramadan
AKBP Indra Setiawan. Foto: Iwan-B/

SUMEDANG, – The Sumedang Police Chief, AKBP Indra Setiawan, has announced that the Sumedang Police and its subordinate officers are prepared to secure the Holy Month of Ramadan.

They will be providing security during the hours leading up to the breaking of the fast, the Tarawih prayers, and the Suhoor meal.

During the month of fasting in the Sumedang area, there will be no “Saur On The Road” events.

Instead, individuals will have their Suhoor meals at their respective places, in order to focus more on their worship.

Additionally, there will be no motorcades to prevent any miscommunications and avoid the use of fireworks, according to the Police Chief.

Meanwhile, the crime rate in the Sumedang Police jurisdiction is currently dominated by theft. AKBP Indra Setiawan stated this after a handover ceremony of the Sumedang Police. It took place in Ratanza, Pamulihan District, Sumedang Regency on Friday, March 10th, 2023.

During the 2023 Jaran Lodaya operation, the Sumedang Police successfully uncovered six cases of theft in several locations throughout the Sumedang area.

As a result, the crime rate has increased, prompting the police to conduct weekly evaluations. In the past week alone, the crime rate has increased by approximately 50 percent.

Regarding the issue of student brawls, the Sumedang Police are collaborating with schools and the Education Department to provide guidance to students. Additionally, they will patrol areas that are prone to brawls.

The Sumedang Police are also continuing their “Jumat Curhat” program, which is carried out simultaneously by the police and police precincts in Sumedang.

The aim of this activity is to foster relationships with the Sumedang community, learn about the issues faced by the community firsthand, and provide solutions to address those issues, according to the Police Chief. (Iwan-B)